Los Angeles Trip - Food - Grand Central Market

First off, LA is a HUGEEEEEEEEEE city. As pedestrians and taking the bus, its a bit hard to explore properly so rent a car if you can.

We go straight to downtown after dropping off stuff at the hotel. As we get out of the subway... pretty big disappointment. We were expecting too much perhaps. There was nothing much out there. We've heard of food trucks filling up the streets of LA, but... didnt find any food trucks... walked for about 30 minutes, super hungry. We gave up on looking for food trucks and settled for a Market, which is a collection of fast food restaurants.

food is generally cheap in LA. ORRRRRrr... the food is super expensive in Vancouver and we're used to it. So we had a normal cheeseburger and a ... gordita. A gordita is a pretty dense bun, sort of the texture of those Chinese buns, with a slit in the middle. Then it is filled with whatever you want, we chose pulled pork, then they added the works of Mexican food and sauce (3.50). On the side, she gave us a stack of napkins... should have rang a bell, but i just took a bite into it, clueless. It overflowed of flavor. I was confused. Tomatoes, beans, lettuce, pulled pork... and lime. all at once. There were 2 bags of salt, but we didn't use them because food was salty enough already. Well, that was lunch, pretty cheap and filling.

Fruits and vegetables are WAYYY cheaper than in Canada. Here is a list of average prices of some products in Canada, trending several years...

After lunch, we search for Hollywood!!!

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