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Tercel fixes: Serpentine belts --> small tweeting sound

If your car makes this noise, you will need to replace your serpentine belt.
There are two belts in my Tercel, they are used to convert the energy from the motor to electric devices like the AC and the alternator.

The sound is a tweeting noise, mostly audible when the motor is on, you are not pressing the gas pedal. Spraying some lubricant will temporarily get rid of the sound, but in a few minutes, the sound is back.

Reading online points to the tension of the belt but the car repair shop says it is most likely the belt glazing with time. I got both changed because the effort is mostly to remove all the parts to access the belts.

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Toyota Tercel small fixes

Tercel fixing series
The Toyota Tercel is such a classic car. You still see a whole lot of them around and that is because they were so well built. However, they are starting to feel the age. Mine is a 1995 and frankly is not worth that much anymore (approximately 500-1000).
Why you'd want to do all this fixing yourself?
- the maintenance fees per year doesnt make sense anymore considering the actual worth of the car.
- only replace yourself stuff that is not critical to your safety, like light bulbs. Leave the more critical stuff to the pros
- its a fun system to play with: I've been wanting to play with robotics, rather than buying a bunch of robotics, just play with this car
- if you mess it up beyond recognition, buy a new car.
I will be posting a bunch of images and videos soon enough. Most of them were really simple things if you know the tricks but can be a lot of time trying to figure it out if not
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Gear Box light changing

It's been extremely hard to find enough information to do this. Most videos are of other cars.

The light you need is a 74 Light bulb, very small.
Buy a couple so that if you mess up, you have another one to spare because these are really fragile

Here are the steps:

- Remove the 4 screws holding the plastic part with the E-brake

- Remove the 2 plastic nails holding the plastic part covering the gear box. I actually broke them by pressing on the release pins too hard. I will be replacing them with metal screws. I ended up using M6-20mm with a washer and a nut on the other side. Doesnt have to be super tightly screwed in.

- Remove the black gear cover of the gear box by prying the 4 clips

- Remove any lady bugs from the light compartment. Considering how hard it was to get there, I have no idea how that lady bug got in there, but it could never get out.

- Rotate off the light module

- Change the light bulb. The light bulb is covered with this green cover but we wont need it. It does diffuse the light better than the bulb itself but I'll leave it out for now. Recommended: turn on your engine to test if the connection is good. I hate the way these light bulbs are designed, the terminals are so fragile, if you were to wiggle it too much or put it in and out a few times, the terminals might bend out of position and become useless.

- Put everything back by reversing these instructions

Note: these lights are not too bright so you will not see them until dark. They turn on as you turn on the engine and stay on for about 5-10 seconds after you shut down the engine so if you want to test them right after plugging the light in, you have to turn on the engine.

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