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Frugal Couple Fitness - Gym Workouts

Well, guy going alone, but the workout plan is similar to usual, just dont have anybody to help encourage, it must be self-driven, which is harder. If you dont have a partner, you can use a timer. Its really anything to not have to think about what you're doing.

today's workout: This is worked as an interval training circuit, so you'd do the parenthesis, take 1 minute break and do it again. Keep the heart rate up. Gym's much less boring if you keep moving and active. This took less than 1hr.

3 x (pull ups:10 + leg raises:15)
3 x (dumbbell bench press:12 + v-sit crunches:30 + highknees:30sec)
3 x (barbell squat:15 + pushup:20 + highbar legraise toe to hand: 5)
3 x (cable cross flys: 12 + squat jump touch floor: 20)
3 x (leg abductor:30 + leg adductor:30)

the weights should be set so that the last rep feels hard. This is why its better to have a partner so that he/she can help for the last few reps, that way, you know you really worked 100%.


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Frugal Couple Fitness- Losing weight

Well, there's so many different things you could do that would help losing weight and I've been through quite a few methods and here's what really worked:

True, it wasnt just eating less, I was also doing Insanity

But then again, I used to work out 5times a week or more and always eat til i'm uncomfortable. Unless you work out enough to make up for the calories, working out just doesnt cut it to lose weight.

It could also be watching what I eat, for some time, I was on somewhat of a low carb diet: rice is not really on the menu anymore. When I pack lunch, it's meat and veggies. But the huge variance of my diet shows to me that it doesnt really matter what I eat, but how much I eat.

My weight dropped from 185 to 165. I m currently not doing insanity anymore, just going to the gym, working intervals most of the time.

The real main difference is instead of eating at 4 McDoubles at McDonalds, I eat 2 now.

I just heard on the radio that people in antiquities used to eat once a day! Maybe we dont need that much food.

There are tricks to help reducing food intake.
- eating slowly: the body does tell you its full at some point, but there's a delay with when you actually eat. Sometimes I stop eating when I feel 30% full, and then, 20 minutes later, i feel 75% full... Weird but its like that. Take eating breaks

- cheap out: my favorite... especially in USA, i find one portion is wayyyy too much, so with my fiance, we usually share a main and an appetizer, or just a main. And generally, its enough.
These guys are from Quebec actually, but you get the idea. - having a digestive drink: drinking something really helps filling you up. I find coffee to always work, but dont drink too much coffee if you want to be able to sleep.


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Frugal Couple Fitness - Measuring body fat percentage %

How many things have we tried in order to lose weight. I mean losing the bad weight (fat) and keeping the good stuff (muscles).

These are arguable and definitely some criteria could be used badly if taken to the extreme. But here's how I found using some cues can help tell if you got a lot of fat vs muscle

Good measure of good vs bad weight: the main idea here is to measure body fat %, here's a website correlating body fat % to how you'd look. This is surprisingly accurate.
Now how do you measure the body fat %?

1- visual: you can probably ballpark it just by comparing to those images, but if you want to be more accurate...
2- ultrasound: it can be used to measure fat thickness at several sites and combining those numbers, you get a pretty good idea of the body fat %. Ultrasound is not used widely for fat measurement at the gym because of cost but is being used extensively in animal meat grading (AAA vs AA depends a lot on fat level)

3- caliper: the current gold standard at the gym, for better results measure at several location and combine with formulas. The hard part is to not pinch for too long because believe it or not, fat does move around if you pinch for too long, you'll appear thinner at that site

Bad measure of good vs bad weight: These are the lazy way of doing it, but I found it didnt work for me.
1- BMI: if you work out, this will not work because it assumes the subject is sedentary
2- Scale for weight: Those can be good indicator but weight varies a lot simply if you drink a lot of coffee/booze/got-sick one day and are dehydrated. I've found my weight to vary by 10lbs (on a 180lbs base weight) easily after being sick for about 3 days. It was all water as I regained it all in the next few days.
I got mine from canadian tire... things always seem to be at 60% off

Of course, if you track your weight or pant size over a long period of time religiously, those little fluctuations will average out and you will observe the true change in your fat level, but as absolute values, they are not really what you'd want to use.

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Dragon boat injuries (finger)

It seems every sport these days has + and -. Like the wise man said, moderation has much better taste.

I've been a dragon boater for a good part of my life and have had one injury that really is still with me these days. I've noticed that not too many people know about this so its about time I document it.

A cyst can form at the base of the middle finger, on the bottom hand of the side you paddle on. This cyst is generally small and at first, it feels like just a swelling, but as time goes by, it hardens, and hardens. Eventually, it becomes painful to even carry groceries or anything that requires lifting because this little rock is pressing against the bone of the finger.

I also had a cyst on the ring finger but that was way smaller. This is caused by the glands that lubricate the articulation that are leaking and form this cyst after the lubricants harden.

- feel like a tiny rock underneath skin in the red circles
- really hurts at practice when we do a lot of starts (because we pull harder there)
- if you bend your finger at the first joint (between the phalange and phalangine), you can feel the cyst really well. 

What did I do? (waste of time which made it worse)
- I went to the doctor several times, most didnt really know what it was, until the last one.
- Tried padding paddle handle
- Tried padding gloves
- Use BurnWater tape (paddling grip tape so I dont have to hold the paddle as hard)

What would be the right things to do?
- Change your technique: one of my friends was headed toward my direction but he changed his technique, and by gripping less hard, it seems to have gone away for him. Didnt work for me, because as we all know, when you go berserk in a race, old habits come back.
(this is between 1-2 years after the first self diagnosis... the cyst had become somewhat hard... it was probably too late for these procedures)
- Acupuncture: went to an actual acupuncturist, she used a needle to poke the cyst, then attached electric probes and shocked the finger right at the site of the cyst. An infrared light was used as well... I went for 3 sessions. Didnt help.
- Chinese doctor who uses wood sticks to poke and crush the cyst. It was super painful. After a long MASSAGE session, a strange mixture is put on the site and the finger is wrapped. He did mention that it would have had better success if I saw him early, but because it was so long ago, it probably wouldnt help much.
- Western medicine (3 steps): (plastic surgeon)
1- wait it out: but since it had been 2 years, we skipped this step
At this point, high frequency ultrasonography is used to measure the size of the cyst. The diameter was about 3mm. This confirmed there was something in there.
2- anesthetics are used. A needle is used to poke the cyst, the hope is that the cyst would still be a liquid pouch at this point and that it would leak out and dissappear within a few days. Alas, the cyst was hard.
3- surgery: anesthetics are used. A slit is cut at the site of the cyst, the surgeon digs in and cuts the cyst out. This procedure made my finger unusable for a good 2 months. 

The cyst went away fortunately. But my finger will never be as powerful as before. I can no longer do extended sessions of wall climbing, i cant really do too many pull ups (or maybe that's just my excuse for doing a small number of pull ups :)).

Ideally, you want to go straight to the doctors, it might have worked better than my experience.

Hope this article helps a paddler starting to notice such cyst.

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Vancouver Finds - Affordable Gyms

A gym we've tried before was Sport Central in Richmond.  They are a 24 hour gym with a lot of room on the gym floor and different classes and facilities available.  They have a girls only section, a sports equipment shop ( mostly racquets) squash courts and tanning.  Their monthly rate is only $15 !  We like this gym because its always accessible ( 24 hours! 7 days a week!).  The cons are that it's hard to get to without a car.  It's not all prettied up, but it's got all the equipments and all the room you can get in a gym !

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Frugal Couple Fitness


We’re going to Hawaii in  a month and we need to get in to beach body mode!  Here’s a glimpse of what some of our workout looks like !

100 m sprints (1 set)
medicine ball throw (15 x 4 sets)
bench press (your weights x 3)
jump squat (20 x 3 sets)
pull ups (15 x 3 sets)
situps (30 x 3 sets)
dumbbell bench press (10 x 3 set)
stuck jumps (20 x 3 sets)
leg abductor (20 x 3 sets)
leg aductor (20 x 3 sets)
seated row machine (10 x 3 sets)

If you have any good workouts that you just can’t live without, let us know!
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Vancouver Finds- Affordable Gyms

One of the smaller gyms that we’ve found that doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg is the FitXpress chain.  They have very friendly staff and big enough gym with well kept equipment for you to do a functional workout.  They have personal trainers you can sign up to and also sun tan room for those that want to get some colour on them.  All gyms have a “snack bar” where you can buy protein drinks when you are done your workout.
Their 2 year membership is only $19.99/month!
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