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Traveling with Groupons !! Good or Bad??

Sounds like a good idea right??

If you know you will be there for a long time and maybe if you BUY when you are at the place you are traveling to...then yes.

But we've learned the hard way to never PRE-BUY Groupons before our trips!

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Time constraint - if you are unorganized, you might not realize you have to pre-book or the place is unavailable when you are free.
  2. The deal really isn't THAT good if you're not familiar with the place..might be better deals there
  3. Probably not in the prime location - you'll probably have to travel really far - and this is hard to do when you don't know that area well or if you don't have your own transportation.

You maybe saving yourselves a lot of money, but to be frank, you might be just lying to yourself and causing yourselves a lot of stress.
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Next Stop - Hawaii!

We've only finished posting about our LA trip, and it's already time for our adventure!
It seems like we travel A LOT! but we rarely travel this much...this is just one of those special summers =)

Well as a frugal couple, we - of course - did some researching before going - hopefully we won't be tourist trapped!

What do YOU want us to check out in Hawaii Honolulu? or food to try? of things to do? Leave us a comment!

Here’s our current plan.


fly from Bellingham: Alaska Air → keep checking for price drops (better if you’re going with a group to have people check and alert each other)
park in Bellingham: don’t park at the official airport parking, its more expensive (10$/day). Park at those independent ones (7$ per day). They all use a shuttle service but the independent one, you dont have to wait much because they have less customers and time it so that they get to the gate at every flight. They are waiting for you. The gates of their parking lot is also locked overnight so less likely to have thieves visitations.
Moreover, its an domestic flight so you dont have to be there 2 hours ahead of time, in fact they dont want to see your face until 2hrs before the flight.

fly from Vancouver: parking is a RIP OFF! Let me tell you a story. I went on a work trip that lasted a week. The coupon said it would be 40$ (excuse all the $ signs after the number, i’m French Canadian) for a week, summer special. (DO NOT CLICK UNTIL YOU READ THE FOLLOWING)
That sounds like a good deal, but...

I finish the week of work, wait for the shuttle for the longest time (10minutes, whereas i could just take a cab home instantaneously). Then they take you to the parking lot, you get to your car, get out of the parking lot. At the gate, they charge you something like 60$!!! I said, WTF, it says 40$. She explains this:

72*1.12*(some gas tax) - 32 = 60!!!!!!!!!
1- Gas tax? i didnt even use gas while in the parking lot, except for getting in and out!
2- what the hell calculation is that??? its not a 32$ coupon, its a coupon that says i pay 40$ per week!!!

I said what the hell? its 40$. She says, yes, but 50% tax. I said, 50%????? she said yes.
Company paid for it. And i paid for the gas of driving to the airport, which is about 7$ from my place. So really, how much did i save for all the trouble? 50$ taxi * 2 = 100$. This costed me 67$, and that’s with a coupon! imagine in normal days, it would have costed me 99$. the same thing as taking a cab and passing out in the cab. I digress.

Or you could take the skytrain to the airport and park your car on the street. I drive a Tercel so i dont really care where i leave my car. More than ready to get it stolen and get insurance for it. But even from Marine Drive station, the skytrain takes a really long time to get to the airport, that’s plus the waiting time, so you actually save lots of money, but you will lose a lot of time. I wouldnt do that if its company money as they can claim the cab money as loss but i cant claim my time as loss.

Aston at the Waikiki Banyan: we got condos that sleep 6. about 211.67$ (tx included) per night, in the summer!!! The place has a kitchen which really is a good balance if you’re staying long. There are things to buy and cook, a lot of strange fish that you’d want to try cooking yourself!


Rent or buy? that is the question.
That blog has a very good point, i’ll summarize:
- the snorkel and mask, you want to buy:
- hygiene reasons (you dont know where it’s been or if they clean it well)
- mask needs to be a good fit so you want to spend local time snorkeling rather than shopping around
- flippers, you can rent
    - they are pretty big so wold fill up your suitcase
    - its pretty cheap and you dont really care about much as long as they arent broken.

Motorcycle rides

- for transportation, we’re going to rent scooters, will let you know how it was.

Island hoping
- kinda expensive but... really should do it!

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Well, we're off to Hawaii in a little over a month!!
We've been planning this trip for a few months now and it's hard to believe that we'll be finally heading there soon!

Hm...time to get beach ready!! It's hard to get into the mood for a beachbody in Vancouver when it's always raining - it feels like Fall right now!

Stay tuned for some fitness routine to get us ready for Hawaii!
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