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Dragon boat paddle comparison

dragonboat paddle

I’m only reviewing the ones I have experience with and are at around the same level.

* To be taken into account is also if there is a local sales rep because when your paddle breaks, the sales reps will replace them for free or fix them if it is within warranty.

Burn water Reactor II: ***

- 420g

- Nice feel and weight balance

- The blade is nice and flat, I like the catch better than the Apex counterpart.

- Seen a lot of handles break off. The sales rep fixed those paddles.

Apex Accelerator: ***

- 420g

shape of blade is triangular, the catch doesnt feel as solid as burn water but it is just my feel.

the handle was attached to the shaft with a triangular end which minimizes surface area for epoxy. Handle came off all the time. More recent models have a screw in there so the handle holds better. My handle and several of my teammates’ handles broke off.

- the weight distribution feels odd, it seems the blade is lighter than the burn water so when you hit a wave, you have to resist harder if you don’t want to lose your grip.

Trivium S12 ****

- 340g

- The paddle is extendable. Now this is a bit overlooked. A lot of first-time buyers are committing to paddle lengths that are shorter than they should be and regret it later on. This takes care of that problem.

- I've broken quite a few paddles in my career. I broke most at the joint between blade and shaft and broke another at the handle. To me, it feels nice to have a paddle that doesn’t have those two weak spots.

The Trivium has handle integrated with the shaft and blade integrated to shaft so there’s less chance of breaking the paddle there on an important race.

- It is more fragile than burn water: if u get hit by somebody behind u, it might leave a dent. Everyone I know who got a trivium swears never to go back to whatever they had before.

- there are also ergonomic handles as an option. not sure it makes a huge difference but because the finish is slightly rounded, you’d get less calus on your palm.

Chinook diablo **

- 545g

chinook's a quick fix.

- Everybody wants to get rid of their chinooks at a later point of their careers to get a higher grade paddle. If u just wanna have something thats better than wood, its a good alternative

- the finish of the blade is bad, the blade chips all over the edge, the entry will get worse and worse.

- The handle is round and a little thinner than the other paddles though and it has small grooves to improve grip. I actually liked that.


- Please don’t

- I always see people using these are it is fairly obvious the stroke is different. This makes it very hard for a team to blend. Typically, you will fall behind on the stroke and have slow recovery because it is much heavier than the carbon fibers.

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Vancouver finds - tealips

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee on Urbanspoon
Went here for dessert and it was pretty packed.  The place was a order up front place so it was good that they dont' have to seat your or anything.  They sell mostly bubble teas, specialty drinks, waffles and shaved ice.
I find that their waffles were very decently priced ~$6 and they had really good waffles (can choose between liege and brussels)  They made the waffle just as I liked it - dense and chewy for the liege.  They used fresh fruits for their waffles which was a good.

Would like to go back and try their shaved ice and other waffles in the future.

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Vancouver finds - sushiholics

sushi vancouver
Sushiholic Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Finally tried this place for dinner. It was a really small restaurant and we were surprised that it wasn't jam packed on a Friday night.  Though we think lots more people order take out than eat in.  It was more similar to other sushi places like sushi town and sushi garden, similar menu and it was owned by koreans.  This is generally a good sign that it's a good value.

Out of all the dishes we like the spider roll the most.  It was soft shell crab - and there was lots of meat in the crab. It also had a very nice grilled flavour.  All the other items were pretty much standard taste.  

We decided to get the awesome roll because we were still hungry and it looked really nice from afar.  I didn't really like it once i got it because it was kind of messy to eat - they topped it off with deep fried yam fries which tasted like noodle snacks.

Overall it was a decent place to go, service was good and price was decent. Will probably go back for another meal.

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Vancouver finds - Secret Location

vancouver gastown food
A new place in Gastown.  The decor was very modern and sleek.  We went here for dinner, and to my surprise, this place a bit quiet for dinner time.  The food was in tapa sized portions, in the more upper price range.  Nothing especially special about their food, tasted good, but wasn't filling for sure.  We ordered the fish and gnocchi.  They were able to accomodate our special request to have our gnocchi served with a more cleaner sauce since we didn't want to have a too heavy of a sauce.   Secret Location on Urbanspoon
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Vancouver finds - The Libra Room

libra room commercial

libra room commercial

Went to this place for dinner.  Found this place through Groupon, and we chose to go on a week night since it required reservation.  We thought that it would be a quiet week night, but we were wrong! It was pretty decently packed for a week night and they also had live entertainment.  The live entertainment didn't last very long, but at least they had something.  The food was a bit slow coming out, but well worth it.  The atmosphere was very retro, kinda fit their theme - they also had some pretty psychdelic music and some pretty epic soundtrack music.
libra room commercial

The Libra Room on Urbanspoon

We ordered the salmon and lamb shank as entrees and had mussels as an appy.  To our surprise we were very pleased with their mussels.  Their mussels were cooked just right and they were huge mussels !  The chorizo sauce was very well done also.

The salmon and lamb shank were average - nothing special about them, but if you're hungry, it'll be perfect because they gave us a lot of rice.  We were definitely full.
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Vancouver finds -Le Parisian

Le Parisien vancouver
Le Parisien on Urbanspoon

Had an early dinner at Le Parisien on a Friday night and had lots of small dishes to try instead. Overall, the food was reasonably priced and service was good. We had one of their fish that was new on the menu the day we went. It was wrapped with prosciutto and the flavor and texture was really good.
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Mighty putty

Well lets start by saying good luck pulling that truck with this bind. It does the job at fixing lightweight broken items and does well at blocking a small leak. However i think most heavier duty broken items such as the handle of my dragon boat paddle did not even last 10 strokes. Its never really hard either so you can always peel it off and it certainly doesn't bond with the surface its on too well. This make mighty putty a pretty poor glue for most applications. And it still needs a dry surface to bond on, this means if a pipe is leaking, u gotta clean the surface and put the putty on all in one second. Not really feasible and if there's water, it'll just leak out before the putty is dry.

I will be using it on a pipe that is leaking. See how that goes

So we turned off the water of the whole community garden, applied the putty. If you dont use this often, the top part of the tube will be dry and you'll have to waste it. But well, after putting it on, waiting 30minutes and turning the water back on, it seems to be a success!

My fingers were filthy from playing with the putty because you have to work it before its good for usage. Takes a lot of scrubbing to get that off.

I don't recommend it. Get a real epoxy, you'll see that the bond is better, smoother, and probably blocks leaks better, it just takes way more time to dry. We're going to have to replace the pipe anyways eventually, can this putty really last through the winter?

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