Cheap Flights with Airmiles

How to accumulate Airmiles?

You might have been ignoring Airmiles for most of your life, and we understand because most of the time, filling up gas will never get you anywhere. However, there is one worthy deal in town that makes it totally worth it. That'd be going to Safeway.
Its not every week. Most deals don't get you anywhere, but once in a while, there are deals to watch out for:
  • coke products --> you can usually get 50 air miles for 8-10$ worth of coke products which are on special
  • cereal --> you can generally get 100 air miles for about 25$ worth of cereal. Note that the ratio is not as good as the coke products but still nice to have some variety.
  • toilet paper/paper towel/tissues --> 100airmiles for about 25$. Now I would go for the toilet paper because the product is actually on sales vs paper towels that you'd be buying purely for points.

Stock up when you can and if your friends want to buy off you... its still a good price for them.

This is a good place to find deals but its often outdated. 
You just have to look for those Extreme deals and calculate to see what the air mile/$ ratio is.
Apparently, Safeway has been reducing the number of air miles for these deals but I haven't bought in a while.

Moral of the story, you can buy stuff at safeway or spend 60$ on gas and get 5 pts.

Where to go on Airmiles?

Not all deals are equal when you are flying from Vancouver.
  • Vancouver--> Toronto 3125 pts (if you have the BMO Gold card, you get 25% off, 2344pts). If you pay cash, its 548+178$
  • Vancouver-->San Francisco/Los Angeles/Las Vegas 1600pts (with BMO card, its 1200). If you pay cash 198+119tx based on flightnetwork
so those are all pretty good deals, especially because with air miles, the prices are not sensitive to random price changes so you know you're always going to pay the same thing.

  • Vancouver-->Honolulu however is going to cost 4950pts (3713 with BMO gold card) and you'd be paying right around the same as the Toronto flight if you were to pay cash. That would not be a good deal, but hey, its Hawaii!!!

If you know of other ways to accumulate/use air miles, please comment!

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