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Most of us are aware that weddings can get pretty expensive. While couples can generally plan for the bigger expenses associated with a wedding ceremony (venue, dress, catering, etc.), it is the little unaccounted for purchases that can secretly build up and surprise the bride and groom with a larger-than-expected bill at the end. Luckily, do-it-yourself wedding crafts have slowly become popular among couples looking to save cash wherever they can. One wedding decoration that can easily save you money if you make it yourself is reception table centerpieces.

Here are five ideas for centerpieces you can make yourself in order to save you money:
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Most wedding crafters will know the wonders a mason jar can do. From cups to centerpieces, a mason jar can be a key money saver for DIY wedding decorations. As a centerpiece, simply using a jar as a vase adds an artistic touch. If you have a few mason jars laying around, put them to use as a wedding decoration. Wrap the vase in burlap, fabric, or lace to match the theme and environment of your wedding.
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For a funky twist, add fruits to a clear flower vase along with the water and flowers. If you are planning to have an afternoon or outdoor wedding reception, sliced limes or lemons brings a refreshing taste to see-through vases. It’s a great way to add some color and liveliness to a reception table.

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This centerpiece brings elegance to a dinner or nighttime wedding reception. If you are going for a more classic and chic look, a few clear vases can do the trick. Add some pebbles or marbles to the bottom with a few dried leaves (make sure to superglue down anything that you do not want to float up) and fill it up with water. Finish the look by putting a single tea light in the vase that will lightly sit on top of the water. You can use a plain round or rectangular mirror as the vase platform to create a late-night elegant centerpiece.

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This decoration only requires two materials per centerpiece: a cake stand and flowers. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can make pomander balls to be placed on the cake stand. Besides flowers and pomander balls, cake stands are great for creating an elevated look for centerpieces. You can place flower vases, pictures, and candles on a colorful stand to build a crafty and artsy look.


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For a beach wedding, this decoration will be the perfect table decoration for a wedding reception. Use shallow clear vases, fill it with sand, and add little ornaments to it. These ornaments can be found at the beach and save you the cost of having to go out and purchase them. Gather some shells, twigs, and flowers to stick into the sand to mimic beach scenery.
Ideas for a wedding centerpiece do not need to be limited to these five basic craft suggestions. Mix and match ideas and materials if you want to create your own unique look. One more important thing to note is that most of the vases used for centerpieces can easily be found in local thrift stores. No need to splurge on fancy vases that will only be used for one day; buy funky, elegant, or simple vases from a second-hand store and embellish it with details to create your own signature centerpieces.

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