Vancouver Finds - El Matador

We went to this place on a Groupon and had a great surprise !  This little cozy place tucked underneath Starbucks on Esplanade serves Spanish tapas.  We found this place a great little hangout and very authentic.  Although this place only serves tapas we were actually really full from having a wide range of tapas ( and also because we got a $60 Groupon).  We definitely over ate - and if we were there without the Groupon, I think their smoked wings would be the best dish to get for the value.  It is not like other wings as this is not deep fried and was meaty and juicy.  We were also impressed from their drink menu as it offered $3 beer. We tried that Sangria, and it was also not bad.  

Food we had:

  • Tomato soup - spicy!!
  • Smoked salmon deviled eggs - very smoky and salmon-y
  • 24-serrano - Jamon aged for 2 years
  • Patatas Bravas - Spicy Fried Potatoes
  • Chorizo Tapas
  • Spiced/Smoked Chicken Wings
  • Seranno Signor - Jamon sandwich/cheese and chips
  • Smoked Pork 
  • Cabrales w/ Walnuts  - Blue cheese and biscuits
  • Flourless Almond Cake - had a hint of lemon zest which was pretty refreshing

  • Russell Lager
  • Sangria
** They also give you a complementary dish of olives to start with ! **

As you can see, we had a fair bit of food, and was also able to taste a lot of their menu with the 60$ Groupon.  

We highly recommend this little hangout !

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