Join a free tour in Florence!

Lots of time when you're travelling, you actually have no idea where you're going.  You might have an idea of all the tourist landmarks you want to go to, but actually finding your way there might be in an adventure on its own!

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To get a good idea of your surrounding, I always like to join a tour to see what's around.  We found this free tour that took us to all the tourist attractions in florence, and turns out there are many of these free tours in europe. all you need to do is give the tour guide a tip "free" in a sense that you don't have to pay for the tour guide up front, but it's a nice and expected gesture that you tip them in the end. this tour was pretty good.  One thing to keep in mind is that because it's free, you might be a big walking target for watch your belongings !

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Free tour florence


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