My pick for Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

It’s winter time, and that means that my motivation to work-out is dwindling... I’ve signed up for a gym membership before, but since I’ve been busy and the gym is always too crowded, I thought I should do some exercise at home. I recently saw a magnetic stationary bike stand at someone’s house and thought ..hey, since I have a bike sitting at home, it would probably be pretty cheap to just purchase a bike stand and mount my existing bike on there. And so my search for an affordable stationary bike stand started.

My first place to look was Amazon. I found this one that was orange..(I don’t really have preferences on colour) and it was also a bit cheaper than the blue version.

When I was doing research, I saw that lots of people commented that it was really loud..and when I finally mounted my bike on….it was true.

My problem: I had mountain bike tires which had really deep treads.

My solution: change my bike tires to city bike tires (thin and smaller/no treads).

I also had another problem when I was mounting my bike, and that was because I had a very old bike. One that didn’t have the quick release on the back wheel. Why does this matter? Because one side of the wheel nut will not fit inside the bike stand.

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My solution: change my bike nut to one that had a narrower/longer end. This solved my problem pretty easily.

After modifying my bike to fit the stand, it cost about 30 bucks, which is not too bad consider most of the good stationary bike machines are in the $1000s.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable bike stand, I recommend getting this one!


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