Foodie Review - Waffle Bant - Robson

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Recently stumbledupon this little waffle places when I ventured out to the far end of Robson Street by Vancouver Library.  This place should be pretty new since they were doing some fix-ups when I was there.  Turns out, the Waffle Bant is a franchise store, so quality of the waffles shouldn't be too bad.  If you're looking for specific information for the Robson Shop details can found on their Facbook Page.

We ended up having an original waffle with ice cream, which came out to around $6, which is pretty standard for a waffle around here.  The texture of the waffle was just the way I liked it - liege.  They also have lots of specialty waffles (meal size) that are a bit more expensive, but looks like a good portion.  One thing that I found thing place attractive other than their waffles was their operating hours.  Lots of places don't open til 12 am here, but if you plan on staying out late, and don't want to go to another bubble tea shop, this might be a good place to hang out.
Monday - Thursday//7:00am-10:00pm

Friday - Saturday//7:00am-12:00am


Value: Average - it has good waffles for a normal price range.  One plus side is the long opening hours.


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