How to save money with your coins

coinstar coin machine
Ever seen these coin machines?  They’re always at supermarkets and you wonder…are they actually worth it?  Maybe you hate those loose change you have in your pocket and you would rather convert those to bills or credits to be more convenient; or you’ve never bothered to count your coins and would rather not   But have you ever noticed they charge a percentage of your total?  For example, Coinstar, charges 11.9$% per use! That’s almost $12 for every $100 you have!

So what if you don’t want to give a cut of your change to the coin machine? Well, we’ve found a solution! TD Canada Trust actually have a coin machine you can use that charges way less than that (at 8% for non TD customers) and FREE for existing TD customer!  You can read more about the TD Coin Counters here.

Now go and keep your hard earned money!


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