Why you should buy refurbished Apple products

I recently was searching for a MacBook Air and was discouraged by the fact that it was SO expensive !  I was really hoping to get one because I was finally tired of lugging around my heavy laptop around ( plus side was that it had a large screen!).  The battery was next to nothing and some keys on the keyboard was starting die on me.

So there I was at the Apple store gawking at the slim and battery efficient MacBook Airs, wondering where I can get the best deal from for getting an Apple product- since they're luxury products, they rarely go on sale.  I obviously considered buying second hand and looking on Craigslist and Ebay, but they're a hit or miss sometimes.  I need more reassurance if I'm going to fork out $1000 for my MacBook.

Then a thought came to me...

What about a refurbished Mac?

I then went on handy Google and searched.

And it was then that i was certain that I should definitely get a refurbished MacBook Air from the Apple store and here's why.

Apple has a really great refurbishment process and policy

The refurbished products come with a new outer shell, new battery, and the same one-year warranty that new hardware comes with. Pretty much a new MacBook, physically and performance wise

A huge saving

You would be able to get a MacBook Air 11" for $950 after taxes and shipping is always free !  That's around $300 of savings - which would be hard to find with Apple products.

Not happy with it ?

You still have the same 14 day return policy as if you are not satisfied with it.

Will you buy refurbished now?


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